Saturday, 28 November 2009

A Video Message...

Whilst wait for a few free hours to write my next bl0g I thought I'd leave you with a video message I did this week instead.

CORSET by Lee Klabin -
HAIR & MAKEUP by Jennifer Nash -

A written blog WILL be coming soon. I have nearly done it on paper- I just need more hours in the day!!

Hope all is good in everyone's fur trimmed hood
Xox Gabling xoX

Friday, 6 November 2009


Good day blogglings!
I have started the day the best way- walking in the autumn sun across Hampstead Heath with my lovely, but oh so naughty, jack russell puppy- Hobbes!

This is him:

Yes there is a possibility that
A- he is the cutest dog EVER
B - not entirely jack russell (we like to think he has a bit of Corgi in him too!)

Isn't he adorable?! He is currently sleeping on my knees! Awwww...

ANYWAAAAAY! What am I doing? Gabby! This is not a HobbesBlog... pull yourself together girl.

I have a tour to report and some exciting news.

Last Monday (2/11/09) THE EVENING STANDARD printed this:

(NB, The Standard forgot to credit LEONORA SAUNDERS for this amazing photo)

It was THE MIDDLE PAGE SPREAD and sooooo exciting!!! I thought it was going to be little pic and article I had no idea it would look like that- so yes I was a teensy weensy bit overexcited so much so that Stephen refused to let me drive after nearly crashing in my mental state driving round north London to pick up copies of the paper - sooo didn't realise how hard they are to get hold of after 4pm!!!

What happened the next day managed to top even that as I had an interview with THE SUNDAY TIMES... I won't say anymore but please look out for me in next weeks edition (15th Nov)

eek and eek!


After Manchester's wonderful Vintage Fair next was a double whammy of BEYOND RETRO gigs...

15th October @ Beyond Retro LAUNCH, Brighton
For those of you that haven't squeezed round the aisles of vintage treats in the London Beyond Retro stores let me just say that you should definately put it on your 'to do before I die' list- its that amazing!!
Whats even more amazing is Brighton's brand spanking new Beyond Retro shop- its BEAUTIFUL!
This time we were a full 8 piece band - yes I had ALL my animals- and I wasn't allowed out of the backstage area (or 'van' as most call it!) until they started playing - yes, I like to make an entrance! So when I walked in to the first bars of 'Umm' I saw the shop in all it's sequinned, striped and frilly glory and I was blown away by it and by the packedness of it- the place was rammed. Beautiful and full- I knew this would be a good gig.
Reports had come back to the van for me and Jen (who was busy drawing a burlesque lady on my chest -see pics!) that the stage was 'above the shop' on a sort of balcony and it was- we played looking over the shop- it was like 'birds eye shopping' for me- I couldn't help but get distracted my the ballgowns hanging on the walls!!
Everyone was vibing in the band and the audience and they even quietened down for the beginning of 'Maybe' which was an unexpected treat - to have a silent busy shop for a few minutes is a rare, wonderful thing! I actually spied some people singing along to my lyrics!!! YEY!
Needless to say I LOVED THIS GIG- I sadly don't have pictures of us on stage (yet?!) but here is what the shop looks like - see the balcony where we played:

Here's some nice pro shots of me and band members:

Me & Rory Shaw (trumpet) and with my lovely man Stephen Ellis (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist)
Photos by

oh and to see a closer view of what Jen did with my hair/ makeup etc...

and these were on my new iphone!!

That was a Thursday- I don't remember what happened on the Friday after- I think I went to work and showed off the pinup girl body art!

But SATURDAY we did it all again... sort of.
17th October @ Beyond Retro, London

London is an all together different kettle of trendy hipsters when it comes to Vintage Shops- this makes it a tougher gig as the people that are there are there to shop and look cool and occasionally glance at the 8 piece band playing their hearts out! I was so happy the the lovely girls from Vintage Secret came as they were a very welcome addition to the little gaggle of people interested in live music gathering around us. I know I seem sarcastic but seriously I always leave East London feeling a little rejected and not cool enough! ANYWAY- we did play our hearts out and get a bag of vintage clothes for free so it was a great gig afterall!!

A selection of pics (one of my favourite costumes to date - including the dress I got FOR FREE at Brighton's store! I think Jen excelled herself!!)

Oh yes that was the BIG bonus of playing Beyond Retro stores - we got paid in CLOTHES- beautiful vintage clothes. So far I have added 2 dresses, a furry hat and scarf to my wardrobe! YEY... A HUGE thankyou to Diana and everyone at both Beyond Retro shops for having us- we hope to see you again soon!

Thats all folks...

Lots of love and puppy yawns from Hobbes
xoX gabbitha Xox