Thursday, 18 March 2010

Something old and something new...

Well, London Fashion Week ended and I thought I'd have time to blog, but it seems to have turned into fashion month for me, and doesn't show any signs of stopping!I've had a chance to see and be part of so many wonderful new creations, as well as some very old, very beautiful ones which I'm going to share with you here.I AM going to do a whole blog post about the Bloomsbury Ballroom gig, but I want to be able to include pictures of all the stalls who took part, so I'm just trying to collect them all together!Here's a sneak peak at the amazing dress I got to wear, Designed and made by Sofia Kalaitzidi, with fabric design by Kundalini Arts, with Rob Burton, plus an amazing headpiece by Sarah Freemantle of UglyLovely- you can read more about my outfit here.
Did you follow my London Fashion Week Diary on Run-Riot?If you missed it you can still catch up here.I had such a great week, learnt a lot about fashion and it's crowd and was pleasantly suprised to make some wonderful friends there.I even got papped a few times- here's one of me trying to take some pics on my iphone for the blog; front row!!!!Loads more pics on Run-Riot, check it out.

I was recently invited to the Hardy Amies exhibition - beautiful, inspiring and a real treat. I definitely learned a lot about vintage couture and it was great to see how he dressed the Queen, Maria Callas (my idol) and even the costumes for 2001 Space Odyssey!Here I am in a vintage suit of my own!

I've also recently taken part in a shoot for Company magazine!I was a bit worried that they'd play it safe but they were excited to work with me and do the opposite!! I got to wear the Salon Gabrielle dress created for the Bloomsbury Ballroom event. They'd wanted to put me in the sequin bodysuit that Marina (and the diamonds) wears in her 'Hollywood' video but I'm already sick of comparisons so I wasn't going to attempt that one even though it was AMAZING! But our dress is better and looked incredible in the shoot- I was very proud! The stylist and whole team were lovely and let me put my own spin on things- we went with a circus influenced style with a white top hat and pink eyebrows- can't wait for you to see the pics!
The band and I have lots of other successes to share with you; 'we're all in this together' was played at the end of BBC documentary 'Jobless', we've been signed in Australia and lots of exciting new gigs/dresses and of course festival season coming up!Become a fan on facebook to stay tuned to all our news.
I've also been nominated for 'best female' and 'best shoes and hair' by Recharged Radio- please vote for me here! Very appropriate since amazing shoe makers Irregular Choice are now sponsoring me- see more on that here.
Well I think that's all for now; I'm going to try and post more regularly so you don't get hit by essay-length posts like this one!

Love to all my animals!