Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Ok so I know this has not much to do with my style but I think music and style go hand in hand so I hope you don't mind me pleading with you a little...
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Thankyou SOOOO much!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Art Car Boot Fair, the BAFTAs and more!

Well whether the weather reflects it or not, the summer has well and truly begun for us! We had a fantastic day at the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair where I was performing, curating a fashion show and running the Gabberdashery car-phew!I got to wear an incredible creation by the super talented Amelia Mullins, who also helped me with the fashion show which featured work by some incredible designers, as well as the awesome King's road fashion boutique Ad Hoc who lent us some great pieces. Rosa Bloom's handmade pieces were also on display, not only in the fashion show in the wrestling wring, but also for sale in our Gabberdashery car, alongside arts and crafts by my sister Nicky, Vicki Sennet of HungaMunga, Merrimaking animal hoods and artists Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton. Here's a close up of the content of our boot- all these pics were taken by Katie Antoniou, my Gabberdashery partner; you can see more photos and read more about the event on her blog here, and on the CultureLabel blog too.

As usual, Jennifer Nash did my amazing make-up; the art car boot fair being something of a dress rehearsal for the most exciting gig ever; the BAFTAs after party!I'm still speechless about the whole affair; performing in a venue like The Natural History Museum is just a dream come true. You can see me making my entrance, walking down the massive staircase here- I had to be very careful not to trip up!There are a few pics on the official BAFTAs website, and here's a video Johnny Levene made for us. These photos are by Anthony Ellis.

We've also made a start on the festival circuit, playing Sunrise where I wore a great ensemble generously lent to me by Ad Hoc; I just love the feathered headpiece!

Heres a very giggly interview we did literally just after the gig so we are hyper and a little sweaty - so all the boys makeup was dripping off them!!

We also performed at the Wiltshire Jazz festival- heres a pic of the whole band doing 'jazz hands'!

Next up; Glastonbury! We're performing four times over the weekend, so if you've got a ticket, do try and catch one of our shows!
AVALON STAGE -2.20PM is our main show and the only full band one so don't miss it!

I'm just planning what to wear for all 4 days now... hope it doesn't rain!

Muchas love

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Hello everyone! Last week I was lucky enough to play an exclusive gig at a really stunning venue; 22 Portsea place. Owned by the lovely Fran, this Georgian building is home to over 3000 works of art, its like living in a museum or art gallery! The gig was in aid of Cancer Research, a cause very close to my heart, so guests were plied with champagne and delicious cupcakes kindly supplied by LoveBakery to encourage everyone to donate generously!My gorgeous dress was lent to me by vintage superstore Beyond Retro, and as usual, my wonderful hair and make-up was done by the incredibly talented Jennifer Nash.

Speaking of make-up, I had a very exciting meeting with British make-up brand Illamasqua earlier this week. They love my look and are going to help Jennifer continue to create it with their wonderful products!I love how theatrical their aesthetic is, and their slogan 'make-up for your alter ego' is so appropriate to musicians and artists who often have a different, more flamboyant persona they adopt on stage.
We took the opportunity to create a Gabberdashery boudoir in the bedroom at Portsea Place, where Rosa Bloom sold some of her beautiful handmade bustles, gloves, feather headpieces, jumpsuits, frilly knickers and much more.

Artists Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton are also on board as we take the Gabberdashery venture online- Twinkle has created our gorgeous logo, as well as a really stunning new t-shirt design:

Canvases and prints you can see in these pics will all be on sale tomorrow in the Gabberdashery car at the Art Car Boot Fair, as well as merchandise from a number of other amazing craftspeople; HungaMunga, HerCuriousNature headpieces, Merrimaking animal hoods and much, much more. Tinsel Edwards handpainted this amazing vintage jewelery box especially for us- I'm trying really hard not to buy it myself!If you make something in keeping with the Gabberdashery style- be it jewellery, accessories, artwork, or anything creative- then email me and we'll see if we can stock your work too. We're all in this together!

I'll be curating a fashion show too, wearing a truly stunning creation by Amelia Mullins. I'll also be wearing it to....drumroll.... the BAFTAs afterparty where we'll be performing Sunday night!!!!SCREAM!!!!!!
Really hope to see you all at the Art Car Boot Fair tomorrow- there'll be so much going on, wonderful stuff to buy and see, and I'll be performing a few songs too. Do come and say hello, and wish me luck for tomorrow night!!!
much love,