Wednesday, 14 July 2010

ILLAMASQUA - The make-up for my alter ego

One of the perks about my job is I get to wear amazing things by designers and collaborate with incredibly talented people and this includes MAKE-UP. As you are all aware, (because I can't stop going on about her) I am lucky to have my own hair and make-up stylist - Jennifer Nash, and she has become one of the most important parts of our live show - making the band look great and not just great but completely different every gig and ALWAYS unique and eccentric. SHE IS A SAINT TO US...
So when we came across a make-up brand that has the same ethos as ours -to dress the alter ego that comes out of me when I am onstage - the showgirl, the vamp, the starlet, the circus ringleader etc. naturally we were eager to find out more.
This brand is:

It just so happens that the people that run this brand are equally lovely and have taken me under there beautifully decorated wing and will be supporting myself and Jen to create the looks that we aspire to for the future. We are so excited and in love with there looks it appears to be a match made in heaven.

To start with I have recieved my own kit to use when Jen is not around for me to be creative with and l have just recieved a beautifully packaged box of Illamasqua make-up.
Now I have had a chance to play with it all I can honestly say that it is the best make-up I have ever had - it is a dream to apply and actually doesn't end up under my eyes or faded after a few hours which is what I have been used to for years (and that is from some high end brands not just Tesco's own!!)

Here is a run down of my specially chosen Illamasqua kit...
NB, I would do before and after pictures but I am too embarassed to be seen in my current no sleep or makeup state...
CONCEALER in CC15 - I am definitely human and have regular outbreaks (annoyingly this started after my 18th birthday which upset me as I always thought adults don't get spots!!)
ANYWAY I have found it hard to get a good concealer to cover these naughty bits but this one does the job (HALLELUJAH!!) it's light and masks a whole manner of marks.

POWDER FOUNDATION in PF 120 - I've been lead into using a liquid foundation before and always got it a bit wrong (being taken aside at a party to remove streaks from your neck is not so pretty!!) so I decided to go with powder and I am pleased I did. This really stays and gives me that clear complexion that I aim for.

ILLUMINATOR in POISED (rose pink) - A new thing for me but I tried it out on my cheeks, eyes and lips and really loved the glint it gave them - it has now replaced blusher and will be a great addition to my make-up bag. It does wonders for my cheekbones!

LIQUID EYELINER in SHATTER (black) - I have to admit I went off the pen type eyeliners because of smudging and dripping but was willing to try it again as the pot and brush is just a little bit trickier when you are in a hurry so WELL DONE ILLAMASQUA I finally have one that STAYS and is so easy to draw with- I like to do all sorts of curls and spots with my eyeliner and this one lets me be really creative. 

VOLUME MASCARA in HARNESS (blackest black) - Like most girls I know - mascara is the bain of my make-up life ... I have tried so many and although I like some and have stuck with them for a while I am yet to love one... could this be the love of my life?! I'm sure by now you must all be thinking - she can't love them all THIS MUCH but I'm telling the truth when I say I will NEVER use another Mascara... I have annoyingly short eyelashes and now I feel like Rita Heyworth!!!

LIPSTICK in BOX (red red red) - This was a colour designed by the mindblowing make-up artist Alex Box who happens to be Illamasqua's creative director:
Yup- this is her work.... WOW! The lipstick is wonderfully matt and a great colour so when I feel like vamping it up I know what to reach for!

NAIL VARNISH in Untold (Red Glitter) -Glitter nail varnishes always rely on many layers to look good and I did 3 for the ultimate glamourous diva look! Their varnishes glide on beautifully and the brush is easy to apply with so I will definitely be adding many of these to my collection.

PENCILS - FINE in EERIE (black) and MEDIUM in SPELL (pillar box red) - both of these are great - good colours and show up nicely on my skin. I used the fine pencil for under my eyes and it worked like a fine kohl which I was impressed by and then 'Spell' makes a great lip liner for 'Box' Lipstick- as above- too.

ACCESSORIES - EYELASH CURLER, LIP AND POWDER BRUSHES - My happiness at these products goes right the way through... I especially love the lip brush that gave me perfect precision.

I did an acoustic gig on Friday at Marlborough Jazz Festival and wore some of my Illamasqua kit and after 10mins in the bathroom this is how I looked :

Dress By Lira Leirner ... but more on that later...

Jen will be able to create some amazing looks with these products so keep an eye out for my alter ego!

This is also a perfect time to intro you all to Illamasqua because at the moment they are running a brilliant campaign where you can take in your old makeup and replace it for new with 25% off everything!

It's also an inexpensive way to add some high end products to your collection - there is something for everyone!

I assure you that I feel passionate about this brand I don't want you to think I have been in any way swayed to write this blog, I just wanted to do my bit to thank them for their generosity and spread the word to you as they are worth it and you are too!!

Till next time,
Gabbamasqua (!)


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