Monday, 29 November 2010

The Tabernacle

Last night I was doing a radio interview (which I happily seem to be doing a lot of these days!) and I was asked what the highlight of my year was...
I had many options including playing in Japan, Glastonbury, Womad, BAFTAs afterparty but my choice was clear it was the show at THE TABERNACLE the Saturday before last (20th Nov) which was our London tour date and Gabby Young and Other Animals brought the whole schebang to town!

Firstly we were joined by a brass band, a string quartet and stalls (more on that later) but most importantly a load of people gave up their Saturday and XFACTOR to come and dance, sing or just stand still and lend us their ears and clap wildly- it was amazing!
Before I ramble on about it (as I could do all night!) we must remember that this is a style blog so I will tell you all the visual elements that made it a very special night for all involved.

Firstly we had a lovely set designer working with us on this tour - Susan Lawson- and we got a chance to use all the pieces she had put together for us. There was an amazing backdrop with vintage style cogs and clocks surrounding our logo and a big red perspex cog to hang our bits of percussion on - as we use a lot! It looked amazing and I am so thankful to Susan- it definitely wasn't the easiest job without a ladder for a start!!

Jennifer Nash spread her usual magic on my red locks and pale skin (just a different way to say face and hair - prententious? Moi?!) We went with a backcombed afro which took ages but fully worth it -by the end it was laden with birds of all types, including Jen's own origami made ones! The makeup by Illamasqua was bright and bird inspired too which fitted brilliantly with...

- which needs it's own title for sure!
For those of you that read my blogglings and I excitedly met a big fan of it at this gig which made me beam all night! You will know that I am a GIGANTIC fan of Inbar Spector who this night, lent me a masterpiece of a gown- light blue and fluffy layers of tulle with black lace and other embellishments. It was like wearing a cloud and I LOVED the way it fitted and moved. We are due a chat for some new pieces for next year and I can't wait!!

I also have on board a brand new wonderful sponsor - TABIO tights who have given me a pile of beauties to cover my pins- they are great. Go visit their flagship store on Kings Road or in Convent Garden - its full of the best tights and socks I have ever seen and made in Japan- who are brilliant for being unique and thinking outside the box and very apt for me! I wore a pair of cream lacey tights at at the Tabernacle. Thankyou Tabio!

The whole night was a dream come true and the truly amazing Gem Hall has captured the whole thing with stills and video in this short film! Gem and I have been plotting for some amazing photo shoots very soon and they are extreeeemely exciting!

Here is her take on the night:

Of course we had a wonderful array of Gabberdashery stalls which included Alice Gabb, Dot your Ts and Cross your Is, Rosa Bloom, facepainting from The Dressing Room and arts and crafts from Hunga Munga.

Here's a pic of the Gabberdashery stall where we were selling the winning poster designs and the new album as well as gems from our usual sellers...

The team worked their little tush's off for this gig and we got some great press from it, including these:


MENTION (alongside a little known band!) -

I've also only just got any decent pictures of a wonderful dress I was able to wear for the gig in Swindon- made for me especially by CorinaCorina who specialise in upcycling and customising vintage pieces. See me on their blog here.

Swindon Photographs by Chris Fay

I love it!
And that's all folks!
I'm an extremely busy bee this week- interviews, photo shoots and recording so I will bid you adieu!

More love than is humanly possible,

Xox Gabbernacle xoX

Levi's Shape What's to Come travelling Journals

Levi's contacted me a few months ago to put together a 'travelling journal' for them alongside 15 other young ladies that were doing something different and inspiring- of course I was honoured and delighted to be a part of this and this is my one.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Katie Antoniou for all your help with this!
Love ya!
Xox Gabjournal xoX

Thursday, 18 November 2010


I'm afraid this is another 'better late then never' blog... mainly cos I've been in the studio working on the next album but also because I lost the lead for my camera and having no photos for my blog is like having a main meal without meat- not complete!!

ANYWAY (sorry vegetarians for that -don't hate me!)

My trip to Tokyo was AMAZING! I went there for a very special show with a brand new non profit organisation 'Tokyo Tomorrow' which is run by some rather exciting Japanese musicians including, our host, Fumio Ito who was actually a mega famous rock singer from the band Kemuri and luckily for us a wonderfully generous and supportive guy- he chose me to go out and perform at his launch party and I am very thankful that he did!

I have wanted to go to Japan for ever...and it didn't dissappoint!
Tokyo girls are colourful, playful and a bit like me on stage so naturally I LOVED it!

The shops were all amazing and everyone put so much time and energy into the way they looked it was very refreshing to see personal style everywhere!

I was there just in time to see Halloween in Tokyo and they had some great costumes- there was Mr & Mrs Santa, Vampires, Fairies, lots of cartoon characters and the cutest kids all dressed up with toy pumpkins!!!

My manager and I found out where they had got all their costumes- 'Tokyu Hands' -the strangest mall in the world...

These are SPEAKERS!! YES!
And these are mushroom and radish costumes!! VERY YES!

Oh and the gig was great- I wore a bespoke piece by the incredible Kumiko Tani made out of recycled products such as crisp packets and a giant butterfly in my hair!

Now my favourite thing to do in Tokyo is KAREOKE!They have small booths with cheap, drink, food and Stevie Wonder & Queen singalongs!
I became rather fond of a few great Japanese sing-a-longs too!

A little birdy tells me we are going back in February and I can't wait!!!

In other news- back in my home town of London we are preparing for the climax of our UK Tour which is going to be a HUGE show at THE TABERNACLE, Notting Hill
Not only am I playing with the whole lot of my lovely animals but also a big brass band and a string quartet, also Hungamunga are DJing and have a craft area to get stuck in AND we have a very special extended Gabberdashery area too!
I hope to see you there and its ALL AGES so bring some kids (discounted tickets)- I have treats for them too!

We got some nice press recently too that I'm posting in case you are interested- its mainly for Gabberdashery and this week we did a Supermarket Sarah wall which I will talk about when its up very soon...
Le Cool - 11th Nov
Time Out - 17th Nov

Making Magazine- Issue 2

 Also I fully suggest you have a gander at this BEAUTIFUL magazine (have a look for yours truly in there!)

And that's it folks!
Love and lots of sushi
Xox Gabyo xoX