Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fashionable Times

Hello merry ones!
The snow and proximity to Christmas day has made me like an excited puppy- I keep on leaping about and blurting out cliches like 'isn't this magical?' But it is... I went tobogganing on Hampstead Heath the other day and watched a christmas movie with friends and I can honesty say I haven't had so much fun since I was 5 years old!! I just love the snow... I hope everyone gets home OK though- there are a few family members coming from afar and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will make it.
As I am a ridiculously christmassy person and have been known to be named 'Mrs Christmas' by my closest friends I have 3 things to share with you of that vein... consider them presents from me to you but online, with no wrapping paper and probably not that exciting...
1) A CHRISTMAS PODCAST - For 'Different Class Radio'
Photo (without Gabby-added Santa hat) by the marvellous Gem Hall, dress by Beyond Retro and hair & makeup by the 'never fails to amaze me' Jennifer Nash

OK Gabby... we get it ... you LOVE Christmas!

So anyway...
I was in The Financial Times last week- which was nice!
You can read the article by lovely David Honigmann HERE and see the main picture by the talented Michael Hughes at the top of this post...
Which leads me onto nicely onto what I was wearing for the editorial shoot:
Skirt and shirt were very cheap purchases one from Ebay the other Battersea Car Boot - together they cost me £7!! And yes check and stripes DO go together... or so I think!!
Then I got to wear some brilliant TABIO tights which is beautifully documented HERE and my new favourite IRREGULAR CHOICE boots- which should be arriving on my doorstep any day now!!

Another time I was 'papped' in another fantastic pair of Irregular Choice boots was at Elizabeth Lau's amazing pop up shop where Stephen and I performed an acoustic set for a lovely press evening she was having. Elizabeth's designs are incredible- kooky, cute (or kawaii as she and the Japanese would say!) and original- I got given the choice to take something home  and I can honestly say I would be happy with any of her garments. The shop itself was SO well displayed - with half fish bowls with real fish, gorgeous illustrations by Little Doodles - http://little-doodles.blogspot.com/ and lots of warmth, character and love! Below I am wearing an Elizabeth Lau dress (from her stunning new collection) and a pom pom bolero that I fell in love with and now has pride of place in my wardrobe along with a similar style dress! THANK YOU ELIZABETH!



I think that's me up to date apart from my excitement about being in a very cool Japanese fashion magazine:

It's called Fudge, in the main photo I am wearing an amazing piece by Kumiko Tani . I can't wait to go back to Japan in February - for many reasons... but I admit I'm looking forward to delving deeper into Tokyo's shops- they are so 'me'!

So happy happy Christmas peoples. I hope you have a wonderful time and get a chance to relax at least! Help your mum out with the cooking and pretend you LOVE all your presents!
With plenty of joy and awesome tidings,
Mrs. G Christmas
xoxoxooxoxoooxo :o) xoxoxooxox

Friday, 3 December 2010

Gabberdashery and Supermarket Sarah!

I am very proud to announce that the wall we created with Supermarket Sarah is now live, so you can start your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your sofa! We had the most amazing day making the wall; its inspired by Alice in Wonderland as you can see from the tea cup and watches in my hair!Merrimaking Hoods made us some special Alice themed hoods, and Love from Hetty and Dave made special 'Drink Me' necklaces and brooches, whilst Alice Gabb made some gorgeous clock, key and bottle props.

We'd also like to welcome newcomer to Gabberdashery, Dot your Ts and Cross your Eyes who made the amazing rope necklace, amongst other pieces.

Thanks to Sarah and her assistant Annette, fabulous photographer Bruno, my makeup and hair artist Jennifer Nash,Inbar Spector for the loan of the amazing dress and Katie Antoniou, my Gabberdashery partner who co-curated the whole thing with me.
Also, The Guardian have reviewed my album- its in the paper today, so go and buy it!

Supermarket Gabby