Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Fashion Week!

Hello everyone,I'm back!I finished touring the States last week, got home for a couple of days of jetlagged rest, then headed off to Barcelona and Switzerland before making it back in time to catch the last couple of days of LFW. Somehow my touring schedule has always clashed with the last few seasons, so I haven't managed to attend any shows for ages.But all the lovely folk at Vauxhall Fashion Scout still remembered me, even Bob, working on security!They always look after me so well an get me front row seats-thankyou! It was so nice to finally catch up with some of the designers who I support and who've lent me their wonderful clothes for gigs and photoshoots. There were so many wonderful people I got to touch base with, I can't possibly mention them all, but here are a few. First up, lovely Nicola Woods of Beautiful Soul , whose kimono pieces I loved wearing on tour in Tokyo.She did a quick interview with me which you can see here, by Oliver Prout.

Next, the amazingly talented Jeffrey Michael who creates fabulous light-up costumes and set pieces-look out for something very special from him for our big gig at Koko in October!
Monday night I got to see Jasper Garvida's show and meet the designer himself and his partner Neil afterwards.I've been a fan of Jasper's for years and hope to wear some of his pieces soon. Ziad Ghanem's show was amazing-so theatrical, like a piece of performance art, featuring incredible corseted dresses.
The highlight of LFW for me though was Inbar Spector's incredible show.I've worked with Inbar for a long time now and have been lucky enough to wear her dresses for a number of shows- (there's a picture of me on stage in Holland in one of her creations below). This show was full of Inbar's signature volume and textures, masses of tulle and gold leather, I can't wait to wear some of it!Everything about the show-from the music to the make-up- was brilliantly theatrical, creative and totally original;just how fashion should be in my opinion!I was sitting with my stylist Katie and we really felt that we were witnessing a star being born, it was quite emotional!For the last few dresses,we kept thinking every one must be the finale piece as they just kept getting more and more spectacular-see for yourself!

me wearing Inbar Spector in Holland-photo by Thijmen Sietsma

I'll leave you with the new collection from one of my favourite day-wear designers, Elizabeth Lau. Her videos always reflect perfectly the playful,cheeky and timelessly stylish quality of both her clothes and her personality- the songs and the model's dancing are ridiculously catchy!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Photos from the USA!

Here's a quick peak at a couple of my stage outfits from the first few US gigs-both dresses from the vintage haven Beyond Retro.This is a shoot from The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood! Photos by Brian C. Janes for Buzzine, see the full gallery here, and a few bonus shots on the photographer's website here.

And below are some shots by Iancinerate of our gig at Amoeba records in Hollywood, another great dress from Beyond Retro!

As always, thanks to all the photographers who capture our performances on the road- if you have pics of any shows please do share them with us on facebook or twitter!

Now we're in Milwaukee about to do another show then we have a few days off  before hitting the road again for some east coast tours I will be enjoying spending the next few days in my pajamas!! ;)
Take care kiddlywinks

Friday, 26 August 2011

Beautiful frocks from Juno Says Hello

Hello animals!Just a quick post while I'm on the road in America to show you some of the gorgeous vintage frocks I borrowed from Juno Says Hello for my recent performances in Europe.

The sequin details on this blue dress are stunning!

I love this pink 1950s dress.Worn with some of the lovely hair pieces NowVoyager sent me. Many thanks to Rebecca at Juno Says Hello, Felicity at Now Voyager and Gemma Hall who took these photographs.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Larmer Tree Festival

Here's a lovely little video of Stephen and me performing 'Whose House are you in'(or 'Whose Tent are you in' as it became!), at Larmer Tree Festival this weekend. We drove down for the day which took a while as we kept getting lost, but Katie and her boyfriend came along for the ride, armed with plenty of Percy Pigs, so it was a fun road trip!Here are some pics Katie took of the set too.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vintage finds & goodies galore...

I've actually got some time off- for the first time this year... I'm not gigging, recording etc etc for a week so I got my first chance to go shopping- vintage shopping to be exact (my favourite)! Since losing all my luggage on American Airlines (thousands of pounds of vintage, one offs and bespoke items) I have been not only gutted but in despair of what's left in my wardrobe so I have been de-cluttering bigtime. I am selling off 50% of my clothes and other random belongings that were gathering dust on the shelves. I'll keep you posted on where the sale will be but it's looking likely that Battersea Car Boot is about to be Gabby-fied!


The clearout did clear some space for some new treasures and Katie Antoniou of London Plinth advised me to visit the £20 sale at 123 Vintage where you cram all you can into a large bag for £20, or £10 for a smaller bag. Katie went on the first day and very kindly picked up 3 dresses for me- all of which are GORGEOUS!

Stunning pink ballgown.
Floor length blue cocktail dress.
This needs work and a iron but great potential!

So of course I travelled through the rain to get there on my first day off- I needed retail therapy and £20 couldn't be better spent!
I found lots of great things - my favourites are:

Gorgeous 50s swing skirt

Purple tailored trousers
 (that you can't really see - but they're great!)

Great destructured wool top and black cotton breeches

A bad pic of blue checked skirt and white shirt
I bought home a kids dress...
Cut it in half...

How very 80s of me!

 I also got a black velvet prom dress, a white and black netted hat, silk white shirt with birds on it, white braces for my man and a black and white velvet dress!

That's Tigger my mum's dog!
There were a few items that have now added to my 'for sale' pile but I think I did very well for £20!

 Another thing I have missed a lot from the luggage disappearance is my makeup- all my products from Illamasqua that I blogged about here were in that bag.... :(
However they have now replaced all lost items and more- I am so excited by my new kit and have already had 2 gigs for trying out the new colours and pieces and love them... THANKYOU ILLAMASQUA!

 Also as I blogged about before- I got some other amazing goodies...
Hairpieces from Annabelles Wigs who have named a wig after little ole me!

Which you can get now (just click on the picture). I am so excited to be the first to have this and I wore it at Festival Mundial in Holland last week for the show and for meeting fans and eating cupcakes made by the famous and charming Dutch chef Rudolph Van Veen . Huge thanks to Annabelles Wigs- I can't believe how perfect the match to my hair is! And now I don't have to hide under a hat when my roots get bad and I have no money/ time to sort them- yey!

Photo by Gem Hall
This picture might just end up in Rudolph's new cookbook!! Which reminds me our lovely Gem Hall (my official photographer and tour manager) was in The Telegraph this week with her amazing picture of Nell from Gifford's Circus:


ALSO Now Voyager sent me a whole load more gorgeous, colourful things for my hair... I love them all! Butterflys, birds and flowers (which I wore at Mundial Festival to lots of great comments!)

Here's a fan video of me wearing all three -Illamasqua makeup, Annabelles Wigs' 'Gabby' headpiece and Now Voyager flower fascinators!

Woh! I haven't done a long blog in a while... and now I'm doing two- come see what I'm up to in my new interiors blog Living On A Shoestring too...

Take care ladies and gents (I know there is at least one man who reads this! ;) )


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Two of Wands

photo by Albert Nijmolen

Just a quick post to thank some lovely people for their ongoing contributions to my work- firstly the lovely team at Illamasqua who've replaced all the make-up that was in my luggage lost by the airline on tour in America.I'm loving experimenting with some of their new range of colours. Also Felicity of Now Voyager who has sent me yet more incredible goodies for my hair, like the giant orchid in the picture above, taken at Festival Mundial yesterday. I've also just received some wonderful hair pieces and extensions from Annabelle Wigs.

Two of Wands by Katelan van Foisy

I've just seen this wonderful painting by my friend Katelan van Foisy, who did the beautiful artwork for our Song for Japan.This is the Two of Wands card from the Tarot Deck- I love that I'm wearing the headdress by Her Curious Nature and a fabulous dress that Katelan came up with herself- I may have to have one made!I love collaborating with designers, artists and all creatives really, its such a great complement when others find inspiration in my work, as I do in theirs.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Queen of Hearts

A very quick picture post of me backstage at The Sage last night where I was supporting the legendary Marianne Faithful. You know how I have a real thing for Alice in Wonderland, so you can imagine how much I fell in love with this Queen of Hearts dress by Victoria Bramwell. I'm really excited about wearing some of her other 'Alice' inspired pieces this week on tour in Germany too.

And it just so happens that Gabberdashery contributor Chloe of Hatastic had created a stunning playing card headpiece which could have been made for this dress-they went perfectly together! You can buy one yourself here.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Song for Japan by Gabby Young and Friends

Our 'Song for Japan' is now available to buy on itunes for only 79p, featuring me, my friends and family including my mum and dad, my boyfriend Stephen Ellis from the band Revere, Tallulah Rendall, Kate Sikora and Kai Altair. The artwork is by the amazing New York artist Katelan van Foisy. All proceeds go to relief efforts in Japan.Please support us by buying the track and spreading the word on blogs and social media accounts.The people of Japan may not be in the headlines everyday anymore but they are still struggling to rebuild their lives and need our help.
Thankyou for helping us make a difference!

Friday, 6 May 2011


Another cover-this time Katy Perry's Firework for Radio 3 (their equivalent to radio1) in Holland!I'm wearing a vintage domino hairband made by Katie, and my make-up is by Jennifer Nash.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Friday, 22 April 2011

Designer Interviews: Eliane Sarah Millinery

An interview with rising star Eliane Sarah whose millinery we used on our last video shoot.

What's your earliest fashion memory?
Wow, that’s going back a while. I have always lived in fashion. My mum is a designer  and she always made sure I was dressed in made to measure dresses following every trend. I do remember an amazing black velvet dress with pink stitching that I pretty much lived in when I was 4 years old. It was possibly the first and last time I appreciated getting my sisters’ dress as a hand me down a year later!
And the first piece of clothing you ever made?
I helped my mum make a skirt for me to match a T-shirt when I was 9 or 10 years old. It was in three layers. One was black and white striped, another yellow, the third was possibly white and was finished off with a ribbon trimming. The first piece I made completely by myself was a head-piece I made when I was 15. It was a huge flower made of sinamay. I did some embroidery on the petals and made butterflies out of wire and old tights which I then painted. This piece is probably what made me decide to go into millinery and I also show it to clients for ideas!
 photo by Gemma Hall

If you could dress any personality, (dead or alive) who would it be?
Lady Gaga. I would love to make hats for her. Got a few already in my collections that I think she would love (including the silver disc worn by Gabby Young).

If you hadn't become a designer, what might you have been?
I always considered going into architecture, but got put off by all the years of studying. I thought about TV production, PR, Advertising and a few others, and then had accountancy as the back-up plan cos it’s a lot easier to get into but also very boring!

Whats the best thing about working in fashion?
Seeing my designs and finished products in magazine, videos etc.
 And the worst?
People not liking or understanding my work. Timings of things! The list is endless! Luckily the best things about the industry cover up the bad days.
 What are your goals for 2011?
My goals … I would love to have my business properly set-up and established by the end of the year. Have pieces stocked in department stores and boutiques. Possibly to try and expand internationally but I think that may need an extra year or two!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Her Curious Nature

Here's a little shoot we did on Hampstead Heath when I'd just got back from tour. The beautiful floral headpiece is by Sabrina Said, creator of Her Curious Nature. Hair and make-up by Jennifer Nash, styling by Katie Antoniou and photography by Gemma Hall. The dress is vintage; it used to be my mum's! Shoes by Irregular Choice, tights by Tabio tights.