Thursday, 13 January 2011


Good eve all!
As you must know by know I am HUGE fan of Illamasqua- it is the makeup for my alter ego and I am in love with their ethics, originality, quality and personal approach. I am lucky enough to be sponsored by this amazing brand and when I first received some kit from them I gushed about it here.
Anyway needless to say I'm besotted with their products and when I was invited to do a pre Christmas instore I couldn't refuse.
I hadn't actually had to chance to visit their flagship shop in Dean Street until this day and knew it would be chic and beautiful as everything they do is but I had no idea how inspiring it would be - the first thing I saw was a black and white vertical stripe PVC curtain behind a shiny black perspex counter. It really is a gorgeous shop- I was so happy to be singing there!
Another thing I like about Illamasqua and something that I really relate to is there charity side they have a whole range dedicated called S.O.P.H.I.E to Sophie Lancaster ... here is a short tribute to her commissioned by Illamasqua (featuring one of my favourite songs- 'Roads' by Portishead):

I hope you don't mind me bringing down the mood- but this really effected me and I always want to help spread awareness - we are lucky to have brands like Illamasqua help educate young people about tolerance and promoting individuality.

*before I get tearful let's change the subject*

Everyone in the store were so friendly and welcoming and I have noticed this from everyone that works for Illamasqua which makes a nice difference from the snooty staff at some makeup shops that I am almost scared to go in... I will say no names!
I had my hair and makeup done by an incredible artistse -Claire Lille ... I think you can agree she did a pretty good job (you should have seen me when I went in!!)

All Illamasqua makeup

I'm wearing a beautiful black vintage dress from Beyond Retro
 Stephen (Ellis) joined me for the gig and we played in the shop to a very appreciative audience and some milling around the makeup who stopped to listen. The snow began to fall whilst we played 'We're All In This Together' and it was pretty idyllic!

All these fantasmagorical photographs were taken by the super talented and lovely lady, Gem Hall who we've all grown very fond of and is our official photographer now so expect so see a lot more from her!

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas and are enjoying the beginning of the 2011... I'm busy in and out of studio, plotting a new music video and getting ready to tour the world! I leave for Japan in 3 weeks then to Australia, Canada, America and Europe! Exciting times here- I need a new word for excited in fact, answers on a postcard please!

I will leave you with a video of a session we did at Green Man Festival - I am all decked out in bespoke beautiful Bonzie dress and wrap and yes, we DID need those wellies!
Oh and I URGE you to vote for Bonzie to be Ireland's Most Influential Designer 2010 there are only a few days left and I can't think of anyone more deserving than this lovely, talented duo.

Green Man Sessions 008 // Gabby Young and Other Animals - We're All In This Together from Green Man on Vimeo.

Nighty wighty kittens!
Xox Gab - up xoX

PS- Some people like to know when our next gig is and so I will use that excuse for a plug:
Details here
Tickets here