Friday, 25 February 2011

Ask you a question: THE VIDEO!!!

Thankyou so much to everyone for all their hardwork on this! The single is out on the 28th March! More lovely stills from 'behind the scenes'  here.

We are in Australia where we are having an amazing time and being greeted so warmly. I got to wear the most wonderful dress for my performance in Sydney, kindly lent to me by Wheels and Doll Baby.

Lots of love
Gabby of Oz

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Designer Interviews: David Longshaw

Hi there, animals!Katie here, Gabby's fashion sidekick. Whilst Gabby's away on tour, I'm going to be posting some interviews with a few of the designers who lent us pieces for the music videos we filmed last month. This will also involve leaking some super exclusive, never-before-seen backstage shots of Gabby!
First up is David Longshaw; designer, illustrator and fashion writer, David is multi talented and already one of the winners of Elle's talent launch pad. We borrowed a very theatrical, feathered neckpiece from David, which you can see Gabby wearing here. (corset by Lee Klabin, skirt by Jacob Kimmie)

Photos by Gemma Hall

Here's a little interview I did with David.

What's your earliest fashion memory? 
Making clothes for my teddy Hands in pockets Harold when I was very little.

And the first piece of clothing you ever made?
A rather naty purple jacket and trousers of Hands in pockets Harold.

If you could dress any personality, (dead or alive) who would it be? 
Maude the fashion fabric mouse ( I created whilst for my final collection at St martins out of cashmere suiting  Richard James of Savil Row gave me) She's the editor of MAUDEZINE- she's been on the front pages of the LFW newspaper 'the daily', on and a variety of other publications.
Actual person-wise I would say the late Isabella Blow - who asked me to meet her at Tatler when I was in my second year at St Martins and wore one of my pieces during LFW.

If you hadn't become a designer, what might you have been? 
Possibly a 3D stop motion film maker/animator- I love creating characters and realising them in 3D.

Whats the best thing about working in fashion?
Getting to be creative everyday. And the uncertainty of everything

And the worst?
Also the uncertainty of everything

 What are your goals for 2011?
To be as creative as possible.

You can see a sneak peak of David's new collection on Fashion156- looks like another stunning neckpiece!

Friday, 4 February 2011

From Tokyo with love...

Well, I'm now officially on tour-first stop; Japan!But before I start blogging about my travels, I have to fill you in on one of the busiest weeks EVER. Not only were we filming the new music video for much of the week, I had lots of other exciting places to be too- first up on Friday was the launch of Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration, showcasing drawings by some of the best new talent, as well as interviews with lots of wonderful ethical designers. I got the chance to meet some of the winners of the competition to design my tour posters, including Artist Andrea who had come all the way from Arizona and gave me the original copy of her design! I also met Zarina Liew who illustrated the Beautiful Soul fashion video which has my song 'We're All In This Together' as the soundtrack. Zarina drew this beautiful picture of Stephen and me- having illustrators sketching the guests was such a brilliant idea. I appear twice in Amelia's gorgeous book, in pictures of my performance at Secret Garden Party last summer- I'm so honoured to be in such a beautiful book- you can buy it here.

Home for a quick change into my Elizabeth Lau dress that I wore tucked into a stripey (ebay) skirt, then it was time to head to Selfridges for the launch of Supermarket Sarah's instore wall. It was great to catch up with Meg from Merrimaking Hoods who supply Gabberdashery and Sarah's wall too, and to finally meet Kat who makes the gorgeous Creme Nouveau range we also stock in Gabberdashery and is on sale in Selfridges through Sarah too.

Saturday was just another day at work for us- performing at The Barbican alongside The Irrepressibles!
I wore another show-stopping newspaper creation by Kumiko Tani, and Jennifer Nash my make-up artist outdid herself with this amazing flower-eye look. All these pictures were taken by our new official photographer, Gemma Hall who's not only super talented but also lovely to work with.She was on set for most of the music video shoot so I hope to share some of the still shots she took with you soon...

On Monday evening I was asked to speak at The Hospital members' club in an event organised by Bright Young Brits. One of the other 'bright young brits' was Judith Clark, a wonderful designer who creates beautiful pieces using traditional materials like tweed and tartan, but with an avant garde twist. I love the mix of vintage Victoriana and bright modern colours.

I'm so honoured to be invite into the BYB collective- they are showcasing young talents from all walks of life and everyone is independent, DIY and entrepreneurial and I was so happy to be one of the first to join the list... I also got a chance to claim the owl logo for music in the colour red (of course)
Please look at their site here:
and nominate, get involved - they are doing a great thing and seriously lovely people!

While I'm away, my partner in crime Katie is going to be doing mini interviews with some of the designers who kindly lent us their spectacular clothes and accessories for the new video- so stay tuned as she'll be posting those here to keep you entertained while I'm away. Beautiful Soul have lent me two of their stunning corsets made from vintage kimonos to wear in Japan; I'm so looking forward to playing here again.

Anyway so I have to get some sleep as my Tokyo trip started with a meeting with Peek-A-Boo salon and a drinks in a tiny (I mean tiny as in room for 20 people!) and apparently it's 1am here although it definitely feels more like 4pm (UK time) so that's confusing!!
I will be sending footage from my flipcam to be made into video blogs by Jonny Levene throughout my travels too so I will post them here!
To start us off here is one from the set of 'Ask You A Question' music video shoot:

And that is all my prettys...