Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vintage finds & goodies galore...

I've actually got some time off- for the first time this year... I'm not gigging, recording etc etc for a week so I got my first chance to go shopping- vintage shopping to be exact (my favourite)! Since losing all my luggage on American Airlines (thousands of pounds of vintage, one offs and bespoke items) I have been not only gutted but in despair of what's left in my wardrobe so I have been de-cluttering bigtime. I am selling off 50% of my clothes and other random belongings that were gathering dust on the shelves. I'll keep you posted on where the sale will be but it's looking likely that Battersea Car Boot is about to be Gabby-fied!


The clearout did clear some space for some new treasures and Katie Antoniou of London Plinth advised me to visit the £20 sale at 123 Vintage where you cram all you can into a large bag for £20, or £10 for a smaller bag. Katie went on the first day and very kindly picked up 3 dresses for me- all of which are GORGEOUS!

Stunning pink ballgown.
Floor length blue cocktail dress.
This needs work and a iron but great potential!

So of course I travelled through the rain to get there on my first day off- I needed retail therapy and £20 couldn't be better spent!
I found lots of great things - my favourites are:

Gorgeous 50s swing skirt

Purple tailored trousers
 (that you can't really see - but they're great!)

Great destructured wool top and black cotton breeches

A bad pic of blue checked skirt and white shirt
I bought home a kids dress...
Cut it in half...

How very 80s of me!

 I also got a black velvet prom dress, a white and black netted hat, silk white shirt with birds on it, white braces for my man and a black and white velvet dress!

That's Tigger my mum's dog!
There were a few items that have now added to my 'for sale' pile but I think I did very well for £20!

 Another thing I have missed a lot from the luggage disappearance is my makeup- all my products from Illamasqua that I blogged about here were in that bag.... :(
However they have now replaced all lost items and more- I am so excited by my new kit and have already had 2 gigs for trying out the new colours and pieces and love them... THANKYOU ILLAMASQUA!

 Also as I blogged about before- I got some other amazing goodies...
Hairpieces from Annabelles Wigs who have named a wig after little ole me!

Which you can get now (just click on the picture). I am so excited to be the first to have this and I wore it at Festival Mundial in Holland last week for the show and for meeting fans and eating cupcakes made by the famous and charming Dutch chef Rudolph Van Veen . Huge thanks to Annabelles Wigs- I can't believe how perfect the match to my hair is! And now I don't have to hide under a hat when my roots get bad and I have no money/ time to sort them- yey!

Photo by Gem Hall
This picture might just end up in Rudolph's new cookbook!! Which reminds me our lovely Gem Hall (my official photographer and tour manager) was in The Telegraph this week with her amazing picture of Nell from Gifford's Circus:


ALSO Now Voyager sent me a whole load more gorgeous, colourful things for my hair... I love them all! Butterflys, birds and flowers (which I wore at Mundial Festival to lots of great comments!)

Here's a fan video of me wearing all three -Illamasqua makeup, Annabelles Wigs' 'Gabby' headpiece and Now Voyager flower fascinators!

Woh! I haven't done a long blog in a while... and now I'm doing two- come see what I'm up to in my new interiors blog Living On A Shoestring too...

Take care ladies and gents (I know there is at least one man who reads this! ;) )


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Two of Wands

photo by Albert Nijmolen

Just a quick post to thank some lovely people for their ongoing contributions to my work- firstly the lovely team at Illamasqua who've replaced all the make-up that was in my luggage lost by the airline on tour in America.I'm loving experimenting with some of their new range of colours. Also Felicity of Now Voyager who has sent me yet more incredible goodies for my hair, like the giant orchid in the picture above, taken at Festival Mundial yesterday. I've also just received some wonderful hair pieces and extensions from Annabelle Wigs.

Two of Wands by Katelan van Foisy

I've just seen this wonderful painting by my friend Katelan van Foisy, who did the beautiful artwork for our Song for Japan.This is the Two of Wands card from the Tarot Deck- I love that I'm wearing the headdress by Her Curious Nature and a fabulous dress that Katelan came up with herself- I may have to have one made!I love collaborating with designers, artists and all creatives really, its such a great complement when others find inspiration in my work, as I do in theirs.