Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Fashion Week!

Hello everyone,I'm back!I finished touring the States last week, got home for a couple of days of jetlagged rest, then headed off to Barcelona and Switzerland before making it back in time to catch the last couple of days of LFW. Somehow my touring schedule has always clashed with the last few seasons, so I haven't managed to attend any shows for ages.But all the lovely folk at Vauxhall Fashion Scout still remembered me, even Bob, working on security!They always look after me so well an get me front row seats-thankyou! It was so nice to finally catch up with some of the designers who I support and who've lent me their wonderful clothes for gigs and photoshoots. There were so many wonderful people I got to touch base with, I can't possibly mention them all, but here are a few. First up, lovely Nicola Woods of Beautiful Soul , whose kimono pieces I loved wearing on tour in Tokyo.She did a quick interview with me which you can see here, by Oliver Prout.

Next, the amazingly talented Jeffrey Michael who creates fabulous light-up costumes and set pieces-look out for something very special from him for our big gig at Koko in October!
Monday night I got to see Jasper Garvida's show and meet the designer himself and his partner Neil afterwards.I've been a fan of Jasper's for years and hope to wear some of his pieces soon. Ziad Ghanem's show was amazing-so theatrical, like a piece of performance art, featuring incredible corseted dresses.
The highlight of LFW for me though was Inbar Spector's incredible show.I've worked with Inbar for a long time now and have been lucky enough to wear her dresses for a number of shows- (there's a picture of me on stage in Holland in one of her creations below). This show was full of Inbar's signature volume and textures, masses of tulle and gold leather, I can't wait to wear some of it!Everything about the show-from the music to the make-up- was brilliantly theatrical, creative and totally original;just how fashion should be in my opinion!I was sitting with my stylist Katie and we really felt that we were witnessing a star being born, it was quite emotional!For the last few dresses,we kept thinking every one must be the finale piece as they just kept getting more and more spectacular-see for yourself!

me wearing Inbar Spector in Holland-photo by Thijmen Sietsma

I'll leave you with the new collection from one of my favourite day-wear designers, Elizabeth Lau. Her videos always reflect perfectly the playful,cheeky and timelessly stylish quality of both her clothes and her personality- the songs and the model's dancing are ridiculously catchy!