Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hello blogettes!
So, I haven't had a chance to keep you up to date in ages- I'm sorry about that. I had a few great days at London Fashion Week but then I got struck by the lurgy after the 3rd day and had to miss some shows I had been really looking forward to, especially my favourite designer, Inbar Spector - booooo! I watched it from my sick bed live online which at least meant I got to see her collection, and yes it was stunning as usual.
Taken from her website.
I was lucky enough (thanks to my partner in crime Katie Antoniou for getting me tickets!) to see some real gems which I reported HERE for The Kentishtowner and also I loved Ada Zandition's fashion film, Spijkers En Spijkers catwalk -lots of colour and great shapes and Pam Hogg was definitely entertaining!

Me, Akeela, Naomi Thompson, Emma Block by
 I snuck away from the hustle of central London to go to my friend Naomi Thompson's (from Vintage Secret - who you can see dressing me here) book launch which was so much fun - so many lovely people and I got my hair done for free... oh but she did burn my head... I didn't have the heart to tell her!! Anyway, I LOVE the book. It's on my wishlist for when I have the money or get given it (well it is my birthday coming up soon!!) ;)

Jeffrey and I (in a vintage maxi dress from Charlottesville)
My highlight was my good friend Jeffrey Michael blew us all a way with a lovely social exhibition style event showcasing his incredible debut collection which features a beautiful peach, short, feathered dress that I was lucky enough to be one of the first to wear in my new music video...

That brings me on very nicely to unveiling the masterpiece that is OUR NEW MUSIC VIDEO. Put together by the sensational LoveLove Films team - you basically spend 3mins inside my head and you get to choose the ending! I am so happy with it and especially as I finally get to play you some NEW MUSIC as this is the upcoming single from our new album - The Band Called Out For More -
ENJOY and please pass it on!

If you think this is interactive just you wait for the 'GAME' version coming out very soon - watch this space!

I can also now present the album cover which is quite exciting as I've had it under my hat for ages!!

Isn't it pretty?!
Artwork by Kundalini Arts
Photo by Gem Hall
Hair & Makeup by Jeni Dodson
Styling by Emma Crosby

I have had a really lovely few weeks actually - so great to catch up and spend time with so many lovely bloggers at LFW and I wanted to point you in the direction of their blogs as they are all great:

Hobbes and I are loving the nice weather - I have started gardening again, been spending hours on the heath and spring cleaning (as well as playing gigs, shooting the video and lots and lots of 'planning' meetings!) I wanted to share a picture of Hobbes basking in the sun in his new favourite spot - on top of the washing basket!!!

Here's to many more days in the sun.
Love and gardening gloves
Xox Gabeo xoX