Friday, 22 March 2013

What Am I Wearing? II

Hello to the ones that actually read this (mum!) ;)

I have to admit I have considered stopping this blog - I just don't have the time or content to be consistent! Sorry about that...


Then I keep thinking about the designers I want to show off and the photos I want to reveal of me all dressed up so I'm not going to stop it but when I actually post here will be totally random and maybe few and far between!!

So the reason I am here today is to share some photos from our latest gig and the clothes I wore so here is What Am I Wearing? PART II...


 Photos by Gem Hall
Hat and Fringed leotard from this amazing vintage shop in Charlottesville, USA
Custom made tutu by Sofia Kalaitzidi

I'm really happy with this look as the night before I was pulling my hair and my wardrobe out trying to find something special to wear for my birthday gig and now my hair is shorter I can get away with wearing more red!

Love and a fresh loaf of bread (which I just cooked my first one of!!)
Xox Gabdom xoX


  1. Great outfit. And also, as always, amazingly photographed!

    I don't mind you not blogging that often, you busy woman.
    It's great you have a place to share these things.

  2. Aaaw Gabby, never stop blogging and showing us your beautiful clothes; I love discovering great designers with you <3!!
    This last outfit is simply wonderful; I wish everyday I could dress in this very happy way like you!

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  4. Don't stop - I'm in love with your clothes! That hat is amazing :-) xo mary

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