Thursday, 16 October 2014

Fear Of Flying MUSIC VIDEO

Well hello birdies!
I thought would come a tweet on your shoulder for a bit as I wanted to share my newest music video AND a behind the scenes EPK that goes with it.

I absolutely loved this video shoot- the whole crew were just amazing and all so lovely and everything ran like clockwork.

All images by Darren Paul
Crew from left to right:
Director of Photography - Jon Hall
Director - Angus Campbell Golding
Producer - Daniella Gonella of DG Productions
Headwear designer/ Stylist / Hair - Ruby Bird aka We Creatures
Artist - Gabby Young
Production Designer - Adrian P Smith
Costume Designer/ Stylist / Hair - Alexandra Gray aka Hippy Poppins
Makeup Artist - Tanya McGeever
EPK Camerman - Las Oke
Runner - Jodie McDonagh

As this is my style blog I want to introduce you to the style team of this video...

HIPPY POPPINS (Alexandra Gray)

Alexandra ' Hippy Poppins' Gray is just totally awesome - she came up with the concept of me being a fledging bird after I said I wanted to be 'birdlike but not like a bird'! I think any one that understands what I'm saying must be special and Ali went far beyond what I could dream of with the dress and 'wings' for this video she also did my hair (as the stylist booked just didn't show up?!WTF?!!) it all worked out for the better and Ali also brought in the help and wonderment of...


Also lovely and brilliantly creative - her bird skull headpiece she made the video is rather magical don't you think?! Ruby also jumped in with whipping up my birds nest barnet and really brought the wigs by Annabelles Wigs to life!

I love these ladies and hope to do a lot more marvellous magical masterpieces with them!

Also the charming Tanya McGeever stepped in at the last minute to do makeup and I'm so happy she did - even though she hasn't been doing this for long she was a dream to work with and clearly a natural!

What a team!!

Here's the VIDEO

And here's the behind the scenes video which is an exclusive for my blog! ;)

In other news - I've been sewing! I blogged about that here:
Maybe I should combine my blogs!

Anyway got to put on the supper for tonight!
Lots of love chickens
Xox Gabfly xoX

Sunday, 17 August 2014

A video...

Well good morning you lovely lot!
I have been so busy this summer my laptop actually got dusty so apologies for general lack of contact and updates!

I wanted to share this video of a session we did at Cornbury Festival a couple of weeks ago for the lovely people of 'Under The Apple Tree Sessions' who are the family of 'Whispering' Bob Harris and who I totally fell in love with, in fact it's hard not to.

I am wearing a dress by the brilliant vintage style brand Collectif, hair by super Annabelles Wigs and flower headband by the amazing Deborah Fanning, who I am gearing up to do a big blog about as I have worn her designs all summer long and I la la la love every one of them!

I have also got rather into sticking felt buttons on my face... no real idea why other than they are easy, pretty and from the poundshop!! :)


Here is the video!

I hope you find a special place for this song... the actual official music video is coming for it soon too and I can't wait for you to see it and me as a bird!! :)

Also here's a picture of us on stage that very same day with an added tutu from Beyond Retro :

In other news, and SUPER exciting news at that, I have been nominated for the Hardest Working Artist at the AIM Awards - which is the Association of Independent Music in the UK and I am so honoured to be alongside amazing artists and really over the moon to included! Fingers crossed! ;)

That's all for now folks but I will try not to leave it so long next time!
Lots of love and festival lanyards!
Xox Gabling

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Time for a comeback!

Hello strangers!
I'm just popping by as I haven't been here for so long and as I'm about to leave to tour for a month I thought this was a perfect time to leave you with some recent outfit pictures so you can see what amazing deisgners I have been wearing recently....

1) THE EU ALBUM COVER - this is the official new album cover for Europe only...

Photo By Gem Hall 

Album design by Andy Hau
Illustration (from the walls of Dead Dolls Club) by Kate Rosenware
Styling by Katie Antoniou
Hair by Oscar Alexander
Makeup by Jonas Oliver

This dress and head ornaments are made by the amazing KUMIKO TANI out of the actual music from the new album!

Here is the same dress from a gig at Under The Bridge in London last month:

Photo by Mark Cairns
AND for our newest video:

I first heard about the designer, Alexandra Hippy Poppins at a gig last year at Bush Hall when I met a group of colourful girls who said ' you have to let our friend make something for you' so I got them to write her name across my arm and woke up the next morning with the imprint on my face so I knew this was fate lending a hand! The next London gig I met the beautiful and wonderfully extravagant Alexandra and I knew she would create something incredible and very 'me' so we agreed to collaborate on a costume for the next London show... and so 'Gabby In Wonderland' was born and it's a beauty!!

A session at Studio in Redlands, California. Photo by Buzz Saw
 Alexandra is very talented and made the whole kitten kaboodle- the dress, shoulder piece, headpiece and tutu in very little time. I can't wait to see what she cooks up next... I'm thinking festival outfits... oh yes!! ;)

I was on the look out for new designers to work with the beginning of this year and I came across Alissia Couture and fell in love with her style and portfolio so when we started chatting on twitter I was so excited! Soon we were sharing pinterest boards and getting completely carried away with the wonderful things she wanted to make and I wanted to wear- in fact we were so in sync and both South West girls I thought it might be too good to be true... but luckily it wasn't!
Here is the first of her creations that I got to wear for the milestone gig- SXSW official show a few weeks ago in Austin, Texas:

SXSW Official Show @ Esther's Follies. Head & Shoulder piece by Alexandra Hippy Poppins. Photo by Nick Barbian
 Here are some photos from the designer so you can see the details:


I'm a very lucky girl to get to wear all these amazing things! Thankyou to all the designers that have allowed me to show off their talents - it's an honour!

Next time I want to do a blog dedicated to all the amazing headpieces Deb Fanning has made for me recently - I keep recieving packages with stunning things in them and want to show them all off to you but I want to do a special little photoshoot in them first! ;)

Love and lots of exclamation marks!!!
Xox Gab! Xox