Thursday, 16 October 2014

Fear Of Flying MUSIC VIDEO

Well hello birdies!
I thought would come a tweet on your shoulder for a bit as I wanted to share my newest music video AND a behind the scenes EPK that goes with it.

I absolutely loved this video shoot- the whole crew were just amazing and all so lovely and everything ran like clockwork.

All images by Darren Paul
Crew from left to right:
Director of Photography - Jon Hall
Director - Angus Campbell Golding
Producer - Daniella Gonella of DG Productions
Headwear designer/ Stylist / Hair - Ruby Bird aka We Creatures
Artist - Gabby Young
Production Designer - Adrian P Smith
Costume Designer/ Stylist / Hair - Alexandra Gray aka Hippy Poppins
Makeup Artist - Tanya McGeever
EPK Camerman - Las Oke
Runner - Jodie McDonagh

As this is my style blog I want to introduce you to the style team of this video...

HIPPY POPPINS (Alexandra Gray)

Alexandra ' Hippy Poppins' Gray is just totally awesome - she came up with the concept of me being a fledging bird after I said I wanted to be 'birdlike but not like a bird'! I think any one that understands what I'm saying must be special and Ali went far beyond what I could dream of with the dress and 'wings' for this video she also did my hair (as the stylist booked just didn't show up?!WTF?!!) it all worked out for the better and Ali also brought in the help and wonderment of...


Also lovely and brilliantly creative - her bird skull headpiece she made the video is rather magical don't you think?! Ruby also jumped in with whipping up my birds nest barnet and really brought the wigs by Annabelles Wigs to life!

I love these ladies and hope to do a lot more marvellous magical masterpieces with them!

Also the charming Tanya McGeever stepped in at the last minute to do makeup and I'm so happy she did - even though she hasn't been doing this for long she was a dream to work with and clearly a natural!

What a team!!

Here's the VIDEO

And here's the behind the scenes video which is an exclusive for my blog! ;)

In other news - I've been sewing! I blogged about that here:
Maybe I should combine my blogs!

Anyway got to put on the supper for tonight!
Lots of love chickens
Xox Gabfly xoX