Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Yes, I am a few days late with this blog but my excuses are VERY good.
1) Shooting the music video was a manic rush- a very exciting wonderful one- but MANIC (more on this later)
2)I was at LATITUDE FESTIVAL on Friday (and yes... more on this in a bit too!)
3)I have been planning something rather huge and wonderful that I am not allowed to talk about for a while but wowzers it's exciting!

So... last Wednesday I went to visit two lovely ladies by the names of Katie Antoniou and Naomi Thompson in the prettiest vintage apartment in Hackney. They go by the alias of Vintage Secret and although I may be divulging this fabulous secret, I can't help it... I was like a kid in a candy shop!!

These beautiful queens of vintage left me rifle through the chiffon, velvet, lace and feathers of the amazing dress collection:

I tried many on- here are some choices that we pulled out.

I ended up wearing 2 of the dresses in the music video shoot and this spangly jumper:
at Latitude which gathered up a host of awesome feedback everywhere!

The girls were so friendly and made me feel wonderfully welcome, pampered and even had tea and cakes on hand- it was a lovely experience and I fully suggest you go see what they have online or try some personal styling.



and their blog, feat. your's truly!:

Thank you ladies!!

X Gabs X

Next up... pictures and blogglings from the video shoot...


  1. You are welcome- you were a pleasure to style!I'm also particularly happy you used the word 'wowzers'.

  2. The pink one is the one I wore for the video shoot- so good choice!

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